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Denard Robinson sets NCAA record for rushing yards by a QB

Michigan senior Denard Robinson ran into the record books in his final college game, and is now the NCAA's all-time leading rusher at the QB position.


In his last game at the college level, Michigan senior Denard Robinson used a 9-yard run late in the 2013 Outback Bowl to officially claim the NCAA all-time quarterback rushing record on Tuesday afternoon.

Despite missing two games due to injury during the regular season, Robinson entered his final game against South Carolina needing just 85 yards rushing to break former West Virginia quarterback Pat White's all-time mark of 4,493 yards. And after a number of carries from both the quarterback and running back spots early in the contest, it was only fitting that the 6'0 speedster was given the opportunity to etch his name in the record books before graduating school.

Even though Robinson has been featured almost exclusively at running back in recent weeks, the fact that he is still listed at quarterback and also takes a handful of direct snaps ensures that all of his rushing statistics are registered from the quarterback spot. In addition to his rushing record, Robinson also racked up 6,250 yards passing with 49 touchdowns over his four-year career.