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Jail Time Recommended For MSU's Chris L. Rucker

Chris L. Rucker has already been suspended by Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio for being charged with operating while intoxicated, but that could be the least of his concerns if the wishes of his probation officer are granted.

According to court documents, Rucker violated two orders of his probation, including purchasing, possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs. Rucker’s probation officer, Matthew J. Brundage, is recommending a 21-day jail sentence. 

Rucker has until Oct. 20 to appear in 54-B District Court in East Lansing for his arraignment. A determination on a jail sentence could be made at that time.  

If Rucker ends up spending three weeks in jail, you would have to imagine his MSU career would be over. The senior is already on thin ice as it is, and even if Mark Dantonio didn't kick him off the team, I can't see how Rucker would stay eligible after missing three weeks of class. It would take some exceptional work to pull that off, so a jail sentence is exactly what Rucker will want to avoid for more reasons than one.