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Mark Dantonio Not Expecting To Return To Sideline Just Yet

Although Mark Dantonio is making great progress after suffering a heart attack last month, he is not planning on returning to the sideline just yet. If not for the blood clot in his leg that kept him from being at the Wisconsin game, he probably would be back on the sideline by now, but for at least one more game, he is planning on coaching from the press box.

"I think before I go down on the sideline I have to be able to walk a whole practice and be involved in the practice," Dantonio said. "I can do that in 15- or 20-minute intervals, but I don’t want to set ourselves back. So we’ll see. We’re getting better and stronger every day. It’s basically my leg."

Against Michigan, Dantonio was on the field before the game and in the press box during it. He did go to the locker room during halftime and after the game, which is likely the same plan he will follow for Saturday's game at home against Illinois.