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Mark Dantonio Not Sure Where He Will Coach Northwestern Game From

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio said earlier this week that he would coach from the sidelines on Saturday for the Spartans' game against Northwestern if he is cleared by doctors. Although the game is nearing and the Spartans are leaving for Evanston tomorrow, Dantonio is still not sure if he will be on the sideline or up in the press box for the third consecutive week, according to one of his assistants.

MSU LB coach Mike Tressel said Mark Dantonio told the coaches he hasn't decided whether he will be on the field or in the box Saturday.

Regardless of where Dantonio has been, the Spartans have just kept on winning. They went 3-0 with him on the sideline, 1-0 with him at home, 1-0 with him in the hospital and now 2-0 with him in the press box. Basically, Dantonio could coach from just about anywhere and I don't think the mindset of the team would be affected too much this season. They are very focused and prepared for anything, which is why they have yet to lose this season.