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MSU's Chris L. Rucker In Jail After Reaching Plea Agreement

Michigan State cornerback Chris L. Rucker, who was arrested earlier this month for drunken driving, has reached a plea agreement to have the charge reduced to reckless driving. The new charge, a misdemeanor, has landed Rucker in jail for 10 days for violating his probation, which has been extended to two years. Rucker has been in jail since last week and is going to be released on Thursday, as he will not have to serve the entire sentence.

Rucker got one day of credit for the night he spent in jail after his arrest, Jordon said. An Ingham County jail official said prisoners there get a day of credit for each week served. So Rucker will end up spending eight days in the county jail.

There is no word just yet on what Rucker's status with Michigan State is, but I imagine we will get an update during Mark Dantonio's weekly press conference on Tuesday.