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Korie Lucious To Be Suspended For At Least 2 Games

Michigan State guard Korie Lucious, who was arrested for drunk driving back in August and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge back in September, has been suspended by Tom Izzo for two games. Izzo wasn't quite sure if the suspension will be for more than two games or when exactly it will take place, although Lucious will for sure miss one of the exhibition games.

While Izzo said Lucious definitely will be out for at least one exhibition game and one regular season game, he is not sure if it will be more than that and when the suspension will take place.

"I’m making progress on (deciding)," Izzo said. "I’m just trying to also see where we’re at health wise as one of my conditions. He’ s definitely going to do it, but it’s just when and where."

What's interesting about this story is that it is so similar to the Chris L. Rucker case. Rucker was arrested and charged with an OWI, but he later had the charge reduced to reckless driving, just as Lucious did. Of course, the major difference is that Rucker was already on probation for a previous incident, whereas with Lucious this was a first-time thing. Regardless, both players have either already missed time or will miss time because of a suspension by their head coach.