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Matt Millen To Announce Michigan State-Iowa Game

It seems ESPN didn't get the memo about Michigan State fans not wanting to listen to Matt Millen. There was a great uproar about Millen announcing the MSU-Michigan game earlier in the month, and a week later Millen's crew was not assigned to Michigan's game against Iowa, which was in Millen's afternoon timeslot. That may have just been a coincidence or ESPN wanting to mix up the announcers a bit, but whatever the case, Millen was not sent to Michigan Stadium two weeks in a row.

This week when Michigan State takes on Iowa, guess where Matt Millen will be? If you answered in Iowa City and on your TV, then you are correct. Despite all of the complaints fans sent in the week of the Michigan State-Michigan game, ESPN has decided to assign Millen to another game involving MSU.

Although the MSU-Iowa game is definitely one of the biggest afternoon matchups on the schedule, which is why the crew of Millen and Sean McDonough has been assigned to it, I personally believe that the former Lions GM should be banned from all games involving teams from Michigan. I don't want to beat a dead horse considering that we already hashed out this argument a few weeks ago, but seriously, ESPN, nobody from this state wants to listen to this buffoon talk about football. It's bad enough he destroyed our favorite pro team for the better part of a decade, but it's just plain stupid for you to have him ruin the broadcasts of our favorite college teams' games. Please, ESPN, keep him away from any game involving Michigan and/or Michigan State.