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Mark Dantonio Did Some Coaching From Hospital On Saturday

Despite being stuck at the hospital and forced to watch the Michigan State-Wisconsin game on TV, Mark Dantonio did manage to coach a bit on Saturday. His coaching was obviously indirect, but thanks to text messaging, he was able to stay in contact with the coaches at the game and even offer his suggestions for some important call.

Pat Narduzzi said Dantonio was in constant contact with coaches in the box and was offering suggestions and approvals, but Treadwell made those calls.

I'm sure the doctors would prefer that Dantonio take it easy and try to not think a whole lot about football, but let's be serious, you know that wasn't going to happen. Dantonio is Michigan State's football coach, whether he is on the sidelines or in the hospital. Although the final call on plays was made by Don Treadwell, who has taken over Dantonio's duties, there's no doubt who the head coach of the Spartans is, even when he's absent physically.