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Chris L. Rucker Travels With MSU To Iowa

Cornerback Chris L. Rucker, who was reinstated to the Michigan State football team on Thursday, made the trip to Iowa on Friday. It's not clear if he will actually play against Iowa, but it would be pretty surprising if he didn't after traveling all the way to Iowa for the game.

When Rucker was reinstated, MSU head coach Mark Dantonio said that any decisions about playing or not playing would be left up to Rucker. Although Rucker has essentially missed the last three weeks of practice, I don't see a scenario where he wouldn't play. This is not only the biggest game of his football career, but for Michigan State the entire season may very well come down to this one game. To say the least, it would take a lot for Rucker to not be out there.

When Dantonio made his announcement about Rucker, he said that he consulted players on his team and they all voted for reinstating the senior cornerback. As if you needed more proof that they are on board with the decision, Rucker had players huddled around him as MSU entered its hotel so cameras couldn't get a picture of him. Regardless of what the critics out there say, there's no doubt MSU is united on this decision.