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Mark Dantonio Expected To Coach Michigan Game From Press Box

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio was expecting to coach from the press box last week against Wisconsin, but a blood clot derailed those plans and left him stuck in the hospital for the game. He still managed to share his thoughts with coaches by text messaging with the ones in the press box, but he would have much rather been in Spartan Stadium.

This week, Dantonio is likely going to follow a similar plan for the Michigan game. He is expecting to be in the press box at Michigan Stadium on Saturday, assuming there are no more setbacks.

"How I moved coming up here, I doubt I can get out of many people's way," Dantonio said during his weekly news conference at Spartan Stadium. "Right now, it looks like the press box, but we'll make that assessment as we move forward. But right now, I would say press box." 

Dantonio stressed that his long-term future is important, so he won't do anything that sets him back. Even so, he also added that he can't be kept down for Michigan week, which isn't too surprising to hear. The Michigan game is on another level for Dantonio, so it would take a lot to keep him from being at the game on Saturday.