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Wisconsin Leads Northwestern At Halftime, MSU's BCS Hopes Slipping

Wisconsin has rolled over Northwestern in the first half of their regular season finale, leading the Wildcats 49-17 at the break.

With the Badgers on track to complete the 11-1 trifecta at the top of the Big Ten, it’s looking more and more likely that Michigan State will be shut out of a BCS bowl. MSU trailed both Wisconsin and Ohio State in the last BCS standings, which will be used to break a tie in the event of a three-way logjam.

If Wisconsin holds on, the Badgers would get the conference’s bid to the Rose Bowl, assuming nothing crazy happens to Auburn, Oregon and TCU for the national title game. Ohio State would likely get an at-large BCS bid and MSU would be relegated to the Capital One Bowl.

In order to get a BCS bid, MSU would have to jump Wisconsin or Ohio State in the BCS standings. MSU trailed both Wisconsin and OSU by significant margins in the last standings, and it’s very unlikely they would vault either team.