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Tom Izzo Not Happy With NCAA Violation

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo returned to the hardwood tonight for the first time when his MSU squad hosted Texas in a Top 25 showdown.

But it’s what happened last weekend that still has people talking.

Izzo was suspended for Saturday’s matchup by the NCAA with Prairie View A&M because of a “secondary violation” for employing a person associated with a prospect. The person in question was paid $475 for working at the Spartans’ summer camp, which is what everyone else was paid.

Izzo obviously isn’t too happy about it.

“I like myself more when I’m ticked off,” Izzo said. “Right now, I like myself a lot.”

Izzo watched his squad blow out Praire View, 90-51, from his home on Saturday. Izzo called it the most embarrassing events in his coaching career, but says he’s trying to move on.

“They made the decision they made and I’m going to make the future decisions I’ll make,” Izzo said.

This obviously isn’t on the scale of the Cam Newton scandal, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. We’re talking about $475.

One thing that does have Izzo worried, however, is his presidency of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. While the violation was minor at best, a violation doesn’t look good on one’s resume.