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BCS Bowl Predictions: Michigan State On The Outside Looking In

Based on the earlier BCS rankings projections, the BCS bowl picture is falling into place quite nicely. In the past there are usually at least a couple games up in the air, but the BCS bowl predictions for this season's games are pretty cut and dry:

BCS Championship: Auburn (No. 1/2) vs. Oregon (No. 1/2)

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin (Big Ten champion) vs. TCU (at-large to replace Oregon)

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas (at-large to replace Auburn) vs. Ohio State (at-large)

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech (ACC champion) vs. Stanford (at-large)

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma (Big 12 champion) vs. UConn (Big East champion)

The first three games listed above seemingly have their matchups locked in. Unless the Sugar Bowl surprisingly strays from the expected Arkansas/Ohio State matchup, which is Michigan State's only real hope for making a BCS bowl, this is how things will fall into place. With the Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl, the only uncertainty is surrounding where Stanford and UConn will go. Many believe that the Orange Bowl will opt for UConn over Stanford since neither team travels well and the Huskies are closer to Miami. Personally I think Stanford will get the nod since it is a much better team, forcing the Fiesta Bowl to take UConn.