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Sugar Bowl Matchup Featuring Ohio State, Arkansas Appears To Be Official

Okay, nothing is technically official until tonight when the final BCS standings of the season are revealed on ESPN, but it appears that Ohio State and Arkansas will for sure be playing in the 2011 Sugar Bowl. The matchup won't be announced until later today, but someone on a Michigan State message board discovered these images on the Sugar Bowl Shop's server:






This isn't surprising by any means, but Michigan State fans were hoping that the Sugar Bowl would shock people and select the Spartans over the Buckeyes. It seemed unlikely, but Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis was making a big push to get the Spartans into the BCS and out of Orlando, where they have already been twice in the last three years. In the end, though, it looks like the Sugar Bowl opted for a higher profile team in Ohio State, meaning the Spartans will be headed to Florida for the Capital One Bowl.