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2011 NFL Mock Draft: No Greg Jones In First Round This Week

Depending on who you talk to, Michigan State linebacker Greg Jones is going to be anywhere from a first-round pick to not being taken until the third round in the 2011 NFL Draft. He is one of the many players that analysts have very differing opinions on, which is evident from looking at the difference between the first and second editions of SB Nation's 2011 NFL Mock Draft.


In the first edition of the SB Nation mock draft, Jones was predicted to be picked by the New Orleans Saints with the 26th overall selection. The reasoning for the pick was simple: New Orleans has a need at linebacker that Jones could fill, playing either outside as a potential starter or inside as a backup that can learn from veteran Jonathan Vilma.


This week, the new SB Nation mock draft does not have Jones anywhere to be found in the first round. Part of this stems from just mixing things up so all of the picks aren't exactly the same, so it's not necessarily a slight at Jones. I say that also because it was unexpected to see Jones in the first round in the first SB Nation mock draft. He has been characterized as a second-round pick more often than not, and honestly that's probably a more likely outcome than Jones being taken in the first round. Of course, it is only January, so a lot could change as far as his draft stock goes, especially with the NFL Combine being held next month. He has good athleticism, so a rise in his stock after the combine would not be surprising.