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College GameDay Headed To East Lansing For Michigan State-Wisconsin Game

After Michigan beat Northwestern a week ago, many expected that ESPN's College GameDay would plan on coming to East Lansing for Michigan State's game against the Wolverines. After all, Michigan was undefeated and Michigan State was 4-1, and the winner of the game would take over the lead in the Legends Division of the Big Ten.


Much to the ire of Spartan fans, GameDay opted for Oregon vs. Arizona State instead of MSU vs. Michigan. This turned out to work out well in the end for MSU, though. Since the Spartans won on Saturday to improve to 5-1, GameDay is now planning on coming to East Lansing next Saturday for when MSU takes on undefeated Wisconsin at night.


This will be College GameDay's fifth trip to East Lansing and the show's first visit since 2005. The first time GameDay ever came to East Lansing was in 1997, when undefeated Michigan beat a one-loss MSU team. GameDay returned two years later for a Michigan State victory against Michigan. More recently, GameDay visited MSU for games against Notre Dame (a loss in 2004) and Penn State (a loss in 2005).


College GameDay airs at 10 a.m. on ESPN. The first hour of the show with Erin Andrews takes place at 9 a.m. on ESPNU.