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Michigan State Will Reportedly Address William Gholston Situation On Tuesday

The Big Ten was silent on Monday over questions about possible punishment for Michigan State defensive end William Gholston.

Questions about if he will be suspended have been asked since Saturday, when Gholston made headlines for two personal fouls in MSU's game against Michigan. After one play, Gholston twisted Denard Robinson's helmet, and on another, he punched Taylor Lewan. Many have called for at least a one-game suspension over the penalties, and the expectation has been for something to come out early this week considering the Big Ten has suspended players for similar incidents in the past.

What isn't yet clear is if Michigan State will dole out punishment to Gholston before the Big Ten has a chance to suspend him. It wouldn't look good from a PR standpoint if MSU did nothing to Gholston and the Big Ten had to suspend him, but right now all we know is this:

says they will address the Gholston situation on Tuesday at the press conference.

I can't imagine Michigan State would say it is going to address the situation and then later announce that no punishment will be handed out. My guess is MSU will announce that Gholston has been suspended for Saturday's Wisconsin game, and I would think that would satisfy the Big Ten.

If the Spartans decide not to punish Gholston, the Big Ten might consider giving him two games considering there were two incidents, so it's probably best for MSU to keep him out on Saturday and put this situation behind them.