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Matt Millen Stands Up For William Gholston

Michigan State defensive end William Gholston has at least (and perhaps at most) one person in his corner after twisting Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson's facemask and punching Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan away from the play in separate instances (see the video here) over the weekend in a win against Michigan.

ESPN's Matt Millen is the man who inexplicably has come to Gholston's defense. Sort of:

That stuff happens on the field. That's young jubilance right there... Lost in all of this, that kid is a heck of a good football player.

I don't think he should be suspended for that. If you're going to suspend for that, then you better watch the whole tape and see all the other stuff going on as well.... Let me tell you something: That stuff goes on continually. Is it right? No. But it's part of the game.

To recap: It happened. Gholston is a good player. Gholston should not be suspended. It should not have happened. It happened.

The justification is about as sensical as Gholston's actions.