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Michigan State Vs. Wisconsin: The Only Colors Previews

Last season the Michigan St. Spartans ruined what would have been a perfect regular season and possible berth int he BCS Championship game with a 34-24 victory in East Lansing. This time the Badgers come to East Lansing for the first of two possible meetings with the Spartans. Wisconsin is ranked 4th in the human polls and is sitting at No. 6 int he initial BCS standings, but to get to the BCS championship they will have to defeat Michigan State in East Lansing and possibly beat them again in the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis on December 3rd.

SB Nation's The Only Colors offers a preview of Saturday's game, and they are worried about a powerful offensive machine:

31 points.  That's been Wisconsin's least margin of victory so far in a 48-17 victory over Nebraska 20 days ago in Madison.  While the Badgers' composition may be decent (Nebraska) to weak (everyone else), they've destroyed every team they've played so far.

Bucky's 5th Quarter offers a preview from a Wisconsin perspective, and tells that the Badgers are not focused on revenge for that one defeat:

During the last week of practice, the Wisconsin coaching staff hasn't been emphasizing the "revenge factor." Even though Michigan State handed the Badgers their only Big Ten loss last year, the team has not focused on getting back at the Spartans for throwing a wrench into their 2010 season.