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PHOTO: Michigan State Basketball To Wear Camo Jerseys For Carrier Classic?

Michigan State will open up the 2011-12 college basketball season against North Carolina on an aircraft carrier as part of the Carrier Classic. President Obama is expected to attend the game, and it should be a memorable way to tip off the season.


As discovered by Spartan Jerseys (via The Only Colors), it looks like Michigan State is going to commemorate the game by wearing camouflage jerseys. Nothing has been announced yet, but a screenshot from a video about World Series patches shows camo MSU jerseys next to a St. Louis Cardinals jersey. Check it out:




A Carolina Blue jersey appears to be sitting next to the stack of MSU jerseys, so it's a pretty good bet that the two teams will go with a military look for their game on the USS Carl Vinson. I would imagine an official announcement will be made soon considering the game is less than a month away.