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Michigan State Vs. Wisconsin Score Update: Spartans On Top After 3 Quarters, 23-17

Unlike the first two quarters of Saturday night's game between Michigan State and Wisconsin, there wasn't much action in the third quarter. The first quarter saw 14 Wisconsin points, and Michigan State put up 23 in the second quarter. The only scoring in the third was a Wisconsin field goal, though.

The second half began with Wisconsin forcing a Michigan State punt. The Badgers then went down the field and got to the 16-yard line before their drive stalled. They were actually able to get a kick off without it being blocked, and the 33-yard field goal made the score 23-17 in MSU's favor.

The score remains 23-17 as the fourth quarter gets started. Following a three-and-out by the Spartans, Wisconsin moved into MSU territory but couldn't get anything out of the trip past the 50. Russell Wilson looked like he might have been able to keep the drive alive on third-and-seven, but he fumbled the ball out of bounds on the scramble. That forced a punt, and MSU has since moved the ball into Wisconsin territory and is threatening to make this a two-score game once again.