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VIDEO: Michigan State Beats Wisconsin On Last-Second Hail Mary To Keith Nichol

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Even before the final play of the Michigan State-Wisconsin game, it was a wild night in East Lansing. Michigan State started the game with a rough quarter and trailed by 14 before battling back with a ridiculous second quarter to take the lead. In the fourth quarter, the Spartans led by 14 before blowing the lead. Overtime seemed inevitable, but then this happened:



The referees originally ruled that Keith Nichol was short of the goal line, meaning the game would go to overtime. After reviewing the play, however, the call was overturned, as the ball narrowly broke the plane for the touchdown. Spartan Stadium went crazy, as the touchdown gave Michigan State a 37-31 victory over Wisconsin.


I don't know what it is about primetime games in East Lansing, but Michigan State always seems to be involved in some crazy night games at home. In 2009, Iowa beat the Spartans on the final play of the game, and last year MSU beat Notre Dame in overtime on a fake field goal. This year the Spartans won on a Hail Mary and quite possibly the play of the year, and now they are in the driver's seat to win the Big Ten Legends Division. What a game.