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Michigan State Vs. Nebraska: The Only Colors Hopes To Avoid A Letdown

Michigan State's dramatic win over Wisconsin on Saturday evening is being regarded as the game of the Year so far in the Big Ten. Knowing the remaining schedule, however, had the Spartans thinking about a Legends Division title almost as soon as Kirk Cousins' pass to Keith Nichol was ruled a touchdown. Three of Michigan State's final four opponents have yet to win a game in Big Ten play, but before that stretch they must avoid a letdown against the Nebraska Cornhuskers according to The Only Colors:

While the Spartans have already had a successful season, a win in their first meeting since the 2003 Alamo Bowl would cement October of 2011 as one of the legendary months (if such a thing has been ever defined) in MSU football history.

A victory over Nebraska would cap a Spartan run through Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Those four teams are regarded as four of the historically best programs in the conference. Already Michigan State is just the second team in league history to beat Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin in consecutive games.