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ANIMATED: Michigan State Vs. Nebraska: The Face You See When You Die

Michigan State fans will not be happy to see this after today's loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, but if you can find a way to distance yourself from that game while appreciating hilarity (or sheer horror), then this image might just be for you. I think I personally find it more hilarious and buzz-worthy because of the fact that I don't actually watch a lot of college football, and really, don't understand the significance of this guy and his bloody shirt. Make the jump for more.

But that face. That horrified and horrifying face. It's either the face you see directly at the moment of your death, or perhaps the face you see when you're in purgatory for a thousand eternities. It happened Saturday, during the game and on ESPN's broadcast, you can consider this newsdesk guy woefully confused. It's called "serial killer cornhusker's fan," so perhaps he's expressing ... remorse at what he's done? Regardless, here it is: