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PHOTO: Carrier Classic Setup Ready For Friday's Game

On Friday in San Diego, Michigan State and North Carolina will meet in an important game to get the 2011-12 college basketball season started. Of course, the focus of this game isn't the actual game, but rather the event it is part of: the first annual Carrier Classic.

The Spartans and Tar Heels will play their game on the USS Carl Vinson. This out-of-the-box idea came about years ago from MSU athletic director Mark Hollis, and now it is finally a reality. A court and bleachers are set up on the deck of the carrier, and everything is ready to go for Friday's game. (Check out a picture from ESPN of the setup after the jump.)


More pictures: MSU takes the court, a look at the view from the carrier, a closer look at the court, MSU takes its team picture and photo galleries of the final preparations for the game and players touring the carrier.