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Carrier Classic News And Notes: One Day Until Tip-Off

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There have been a lot of interesting tidbits about the Carrier Classic that have come out in the past few days, and below is a rundown of all the latest news on the event.

  • Michigan State's Draymond Green jokingly said this earlier in the week about the USS Carl Vinson, the host of the Carrier Classic, being the last stop for Osama bin Laden's body before it was thrown into the ocean after he was killed earlier this year: "I hope there's a little red 'X' where they threw him off so I can see it."
  • Michigan State and North Carolina are actually staying at the same hotel.
  • Mark Dantonio jokingly told Tom Izzo to defer and take the wind since this game will be played outdoors if the weather cooperates.
  • Speaking of the weather, if it doesn't cooperate, the game will be moved below deck, where a court is being installed.
  • Izzo was on the court on the USS Carl Vinson when Gary Harris informed him of his decision to commit to Michigan State.
  • USA Today has a look at the on-deck setup for the Carrier Classic.
  • Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis, the brains behind this event, said this week that all of the game officials for the Carrier Classic "have served in (the) NCAA Tournament and for our nation."
  • Michigan State's Austin Thornton will get to play in front of his brother Thomas, a Marine who was recently transferred to San Diego and will attend the game. Other members of Thornton's family will also be in attendance.
  • The total cost of the Carrier Classic is around $3 million. Sponsors Quicken Loans and State Farm helped pick up the cost, and neither Michigan State nor North Carolina will collect revenue from the game.
  • Michigan State posted a video of the players visiting the USS Carl Vinson, and the US Navy posted a video of MSU touring the carrier.
  • Check out a picture of the trophy the winner will get on Friday.