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Carrier Classic: Izzo Talks Wind, Weather

One of the unfortunate side effects of playing basketball outdoors is dealing with the weather. In Friday night's Carrier Classic both Michigan State and North Carolina have to deal with the balmy San Diego weather while they play in the first ever Carrier Classic on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson. Coach Tom Izzo is hoping the wind will actually help his team shoot the ball better:

Ryan_normal "My guys haven't shot real well in the exhibition season," Izzo said. "I told them to shoot the exact same way and the wind will blow it in" - @TheHoopsReport via Twitter

The weather won't be bad enough to force the game off the deck of the Carl Vinson, however. The contingency plan was to play the game below deck in the main hanger in the event of rain, but ESPN is reporting that the weather should be fine:

The conditions were so perfect Thursday evening that Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said during the team’s shootaround, "We’re playing here. It will be this nice. It’s beautiful.’’

Those that are lucky enough to have one of the most difficult tickets in college basketball have Michigan State athletic director Mike Hollis to thank:

As recently as three years ago, Navy officials rolled their eyes and snickered when Hollis suggested the idea of holding a game between Michigan State and North Carolina on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Now perhaps the nation’s most forward-thinking athletic director is less than 24 hours away from seeing his elaborate vision become reality.

Tonight's game will be televised live at 7pm nationally on ESPN in honor of Veteran's Day.