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Carrier Classic: Game On Regardless Of Weather

It appears that tonight's Carrier Classic between North Carolina and Michigan State will go on outdoors regardless of the weather in San Diego. ESPN's basketball blog is reporting that construction of an alternate court in the hanger below deck was stopped because it would not work out, meaning the game will go on up on the flight deck regardless of weather conditions:

If the game had been moved below deck, it would have had a totally different feel. Seating was only good for 2,500, rather than 7,000. Hollis said the Navy would have had to set up viewing stations around the ship with television sets. It simply wouldn't have been the same.

The weather in San Diego for this evening does look promising. According to, the weather calls for 69 degrees with a 10 mph wind and a 20% chance of rain. In the event of rain there will simply be a rain delay, and servicemen on ship will pull a tarp over the court.