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Michigan State Vs. Iowa Final Score: Spartans Hang On For 37-21 Win

At halftime, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio said that he wanted his team to create the storm, not weather it. They produced quite a storm in the first half, to the tune of a 31-7 lead, but they could only weather it in the second half. 

Down just 34-21 early in the fourth quarter, Iowa had a chance to cut into the lead even more. On a fourth-and-one at the Spartans' 34 yard line, the Hawkeyes rushed to the line after a Marcus Coker gain to try and catch MSU off guard. James Vandenberg called for a quick quarterback sneak, which he converted, but the refs said Iowa false started. Iowa still went for it on fourth-and-six, but they couldn't pick it up, so Michigan State took over on downs. 

Michigan State ultimately added another three points and hung on to finish the game in the winning formation, but not before making things a little interesting. It took an Iowa fumble recovered by the Spartans in their own territory to allow MSU fans to finally put their withered umbrellas away. 

Kirk Cousins finished the game 18-for-31 with 260 yards and three touchdowns (no interceptions). Le'Veon Bell had 112 yards rushing and a touchdown. Marvin McNutt had eight receptions, 130 yards, and a touchdown for Iowa.

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