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Sparty Sniffs Cheerleader's Hair

With Michigan State up big on the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday, 48-3, and Sparty probably feeling pretty good about himself after doing so many pushups, the Spartans' mascot decided to go on the prowl ... for a cheerleader who uses herbal essence [via Guyism]: 



This is all in good fun, of course, and there is nothing wrong with checking in to see what wonderful-smelling shampoo/conditioner product the cheerleaders with long, lustrous hair are using these days (two in one perhaps!). Sneakily grabbing a handful and quietly inhaling is clearly the easiest, least intrusive and creepy way to do that. Based on Sparty's reaction after taking in a quick snuff, he obviously thought her hair smelled terrific. Here, smell Sparty's fingers.