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BCS Rankings, Week 13: Michigan State, Michigan Round Out Top 15

For the Week 13 BCS standings, it's the SEC and everybody else. The top three of the BCS standings includes LSU, Alabama and Arkansas, meaning the chances of an all-SEC national championship are looking more and more likely. There is still a lot of football to be played, of course, but chances are the SEC will headline the bowl season yet again.

For the Big Ten, the national championship game has not been a topic of conversation for a while now. The main focus for the conference is on getting two teams into the BCS, and right now the odds of that happening are looking pretty good. The winner of the Big Ten Championship Game will go to the Rose Bowl, and if Michigan beats Ohio State next week, the Wolverines will likely receive an at-large bid. They are ranked 15th in the new BCS standings, just one spot behind Michigan State and one spot away from being eligible for an at-large berth. A victory over the Buckeyes would almost certainly make Michigan one of the favorites to land in the Sugar Bowl or Fiesta Bowl.

Michigan State's BCS chances come down to what happens in Indianapolis in two weeks in the Big Ten Championship Game. A win would give the Spartans a spot in their first Rose Bowl since 1988, but a loss likely means they will be headed to Florida for the Capital One Bowl or Outback Bowl. It's not really fair that playing in the Big Ten Championship Game could potentially punish the Spartans, but that's the way the system works. For Michigan, missing out on Indy could actually work out in its favor in a big way if the losing streak to OSU is snapped this year.

Below is a look at the full BCS rankings for Week 13.



2 Alabama


3 Arkansas


4 Oklahoma State


5 Virginia Tech


6 Stanford


7 Boise State


8 Houston


9 Oklahoma 


10 Oregon


11 Kansas State


12 South Carolina


13 Georgia


14 Michigan State


15 Michigan


16 Wisconsin


17 Clemson


18 Baylor


19 Penn State


20 TCU


21 Nebraska


22 Notre Dame


23 Georgia Tech


24 Auburn


25 Texas