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Michigan State Vs. Minnesota Score Update: Spartans Trail 24-21 Going Into Fourth

Michigan State kicked off to the start the half, the Minnesota Golden Gophers had scripted their first drive well. What ensued was a 11 play, 80 yard drive that ended in a 15-yard touchdown from Marqueis Gray to Da'Jon McKnight. Gray also had a 28-yard completion to Ge'Shun Harris on the drive. Either way, it gave Minnesota the 24-21 lead in the third quarter.

Michigan State took over at their own 29-yard line and had an 11 play drive for their efforts. Unfortunately, the 11 play drive only went for 34 yards and they were forced to send Mike Sadler out to punt. Minnesota came out and managed a first down before Gray was sacked for a loss of six yards on first down. With a 3rd and 12, Gray threw an interception to Trenteon Robinson and the Spartans took over in Minnesota territory near the end of the third quarter.

Kirk Cousins completed a pass for 18 yards to Bennie Fowler, taking the ball to the Minnesota 23 yard line.  One ifrst down, Cousins completed a pass for two yards and Le'Veon Ball had a loss of one yard, which brought the quarter to an end with Minnesota leading 24-21.