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Michigan State Recruit Gary Harris Calls Tom Izzo Father Figure

Five-star shooting guard Gary Harris committed to the Michigan State Spartans today over the likes of Purdue, Kentucky and Indiana. The top-rated shooting guard in the country in the Class of 2012 according to ESPN gushed about the culture at Michigan State, and most of all, coach Tom Izzo.

"Me and my family, we just decided tonight," Harris said. "All the schools had the same thing but it came down to the school I was most comfortable with. The family atmosphere (at Michigan State) was like no other. The way they treat each other and act and get along -- it's a great feeling."

Harris said coach Tom Izzo was one of the main reasons he chose Michigan State.

"He comes at me like a father figure," Harris said. "The respect that he has from everyone, his players, the people outside the program; he's a great guy and a guy that you would want to be around."

While Harris will not join the Spartans until next season, Michigan State opens its season this week against the NCAA's top-ranked team, North Carolina, on Nov. 11 in the Carrier Classic in San Diego, California.