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Big Ten Championship Game 2011: Experts Split On Rematch

ESPN's blog experts are already split on the rematch between the Wisconsin badgers and the Michigan State Spartans, but that isn't a surprise. Since the Spartans won the regular season meeting on a final play Hail Mary that avoided the toss-up that is overtime, the badgers have been waiting for their second chance. They will get it Sunday night, and ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg thinks they will get it:

Wisconsin is heavily favored, but this will be a close game. Both teams are playing good football right now and you can argue Michigan State has played even better during the month of November.

His partner, Brian Bennett, goes the opposite way, saying that Michigan State will win this season's second contest between the two.

Bucky's 5th Quarter credits a Player's Only meeting for getting things going again:

And in circumstances like the ones the Badgers faced in October, team captains prove whether they deserved that title.

"It says a lot. These guys, they're great leaders and they know when to kind of be there for you, and when to get on you," Allen said. "It speaks volumes for the direction this team has gone since those two losses."

Michigan State is trying to reach its first Rose Bowl since 1988.