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2012 Outback Bowl: Michigan State Is On Notice

As the 2012 Outback bowl gets closer, the previews from the various blogs around the internet are beginning to come out. SB Nation's Dawg Sports, a Georgia-centric page, has recently published that the Spartans are on notice on the eve of the Outback Bowl. The popular Steven Colbert meme has been transferred over to the college sports world, and it serves as a warning for MSU:

Michigan State's top two running backs have combined for 1500+ yards this season. For the Dawgs' defense to continue being as dominant as they were in 10½ of Georgia's 13 games, they must stop the run.

The running game will be a major point of emphasis for Michigan State against a typically stout SEC defense. Dawg Sports sees Georgia and Michigan State as having very similar offenses, only that Michigan State does not have a tendency to let up with a double-digit lead. Given MSU's recent bowl struggles, the Spartans will definitely play to win.