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Michigan State Vs. Wisconsin Score: Badgers Score First In Third Quarter, Trail 29-28 In Big Ten Championship Game

Michigan State started with the ball in the third quarter of the Big Ten Championship Game with a 29-21 lead, but was stopped to its first three-and-out of the night. 

Wisconsin took over first-and-ten at their own 38 and tried to re-establish the running game that worked so well in the first quarter. Unfortunately, Ball was stopped for no gain on the first carry, similar to how he was stuffed in the second quarter (only two yards on three carries), so they resorted to the pass again, which actually worked well this time around. 

Russel Wilson completed 4-of-5 passes for 61 yards on the drive, including a 42 yard touchdown pass after eluding a corner blitz. The Badgers opted to kick the extra point to make it a one point game rather than trying for two for the tie. 

This game has over 560 yards of total offense and we're not even half way through the third quarter. Stick around.