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Bowl Projections 2011: Sugar Bowl Likely Will Be Michigan Vs. Kansas State

More and more bowl bids are starting to leak out. There is no direct word quite yet on where Michigan will be playing or what the Sugar Bowl matchup is, but by process of elimination, it appears the Wolverines will take on Kansas State in New Orleans.

At this point, Michigan to the Sugar Bowl is a foregone conclusion. Jerry Palm is reporting that LSU and Alabama will meet in the BCS National Championship, meaning the Sugar Bowl will likely use its first at-large pick on Michigan. Depending on the projection, Michigan has been tabbed to play TCU, Boise State or Kansas State. Right now it looks like the Wildcats will be the opponent considering TCU is reportedly headed to the Poinsettia Bowl and Boise State is reportedly off to Las Vegas for the Maaco Bowl.

Not too long ago it was looking like Kansas State was going to play in the Cotton Bowl, but Bryan Fischer reports that that isn't the case. This leaves only one logical conclusion: Kansas State has been selected to play in the Sugar Bowl.

Although Michigan's Sugar Bowl bid has not been announced, nothing has come out to suggest the Wolverines won't be playing in New Orleans during the bowl season. At this point it's really just a matter of the official announcement being made.