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Bowl Projections 2011: Virginia Tech Now Michigan's Likely Opponent In Sugar Bowl?

Within the last hour, the Sugar Bowl matchup has gone from the one everybody expected to one that comes out of left field. The general consensus was that Michigan would take on Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl, but now it appears the Wolverines could be going up against the Virginia Tech Hokies. From Bryan Fisher:

And we have a bowl shake up.... Virginia Tech to Sugar, Virginia to Chick-Fil-A.

If Virginia Tech is in fact headed to New Orleans, this will turn out to be another case of a team that will travel better being picked over a more deserving team. Granted, the Hokies are 11-2 and have only lost to Clemson this season (twice, including on Saturday in the ACC Championship Game), but their schedule isn't all that impressive. That's why everybody was expecting Kansas State to be selected to play in the Sugar Bowl.

Of course, the only reason Michigan is considered a lock to play in the Sugar Bowl is because it will travel well and be good for ratings. Other teams, such as Boise State and Michigan State, have a case to be at-large selections, but it's unlikely either will receive one based on how the BCS is set up. It's all about money, and that often means disregarding what has happened on the field this season.