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Some Details Out For Michigan State-North Carolina Aircraft Carrier Game

Although the game has still not been officially announced yet, details about Michigan State's Veterans Day matchup with North Carolina on an aircraft carrier emerged earlier this month.

Per MSU athletic director Mark Hollis, the attendance for this game will end up being around 6,000 people. That is what the setup will allow for, although that number could change as the details continue to be worked out. If this number holds true, then Michigan State and North Carolina will each get 500 tickets. The rest of the seats will be for members of the military and their families, as this game is being played to honor them.

Another way the troops may be honored is by MSU and UNC putting on a basketball clinic for their children. Apparently Magic Johnson is already expected to be involved with the clinic, and the hope is for Michael Jordan to be involved as well. Johnson, of course, went to Michigan State, and Jordan played at UNC during his college days. Bringing them aboard to help honor the troops would definitely be a cool thing to do.

There is no word about when exactly all of the details of this game will be officially announced, but you have to imagine it will be sometime soon.