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Michigan State Basketball's Draymond Green Playing In Football Spring Game

The Michigan State football spring game is taking place this afternoon, and the Spartans have separated into two teams: Green and White. Interestingly enough, the White team is not made up of strictly football players. Actually, the White team has some "Green" of their own, as Michigan State basketball player Draymond Green is suiting up for them this afternoon.


Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis tweeted this picture from the warm-ups portion of the afternoon practice/scrimmage:




According to The Detroit News' Matt Charboneau, Green is going to play tight end for the White team. Obviously this is more about having fun for Green than seriously trying to join the football team, but it's cool that he is out there in full uniform. It's also odd seeing Green in football pads and a jersey, but it's nice that he is not only taking an interest in the football team, but he is spending at least one day as a football player at MSU.