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Michigan State Basketball's Russell Byrd To Have Surgery On Foot Again

Michigan State basketball guard Russell Byrd hasn't caught any breaks when it comes to injuries. He has dealt with foot problems for the last year, and MSU sent word out on Tuesday that he will need yet another surgery on his left foot. This will be his third separate surgery in the last year, although he isn't expected to miss any of the 2011-12 season because of it.

"We are confident this procedure will assist with the speed and efficiency of the healing process and ensure a full return for Russell this season," said Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo. "After consulting with one of the top foot and ankle specialists in the country, one who has worked with several professional athletes with similar injuries, we were reassured that Russell has received first-class care from the MSU medical and athletic training staff, but unfortunately, Russell's foot has been slow to heal. This aggressive approach will better position Russell for long-term health, while also allowing him to be on the court this fall."

The expected recovery time for this surgery is four months. That means that Byrd should be back to full health by the end of September, just in time for practice to begin for next season.