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James Kittredge To Transfer To Michigan State

Michigan State has added defensive lineman James Kittredge to its roster, according to Spartan Digest's Dave Berk. Kittredge is transferring to MSU from Vanderbilt and will sit out the 2011 season. In 2012, he will be eligible to play for the Spartans.


Kittredge is originally from Ramsey, New Jersey. He signed with Vanderbilt in February 2010 as a three-star defensive end. Michigan State offered him back then and offered him a spot again when Kittredge decided to transfer.


According to the Nashville City Paper, Kittredge was out during spring practice at Vanderbilt and was not going to be allowed to play this fall due to a violation of university rules. At the time of the report (April 17), Kittredge was not enrolled at Vanderbilt, so it appears he decided to transfer rather than stay with the Commodores.


Now at Michigan State, Kittredge will play defensive tackle. He switched from defensive end to the offensive line last year at Vanderbilt, but now he is headed back to the defensive line. Berk reports that Kittredge has added 20 pounds and is bulking up in order to make the switch to defensive tackle.