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PHOTOS: Michigan State's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Unveiled

Back in July, it was announced that Michigan State will wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms for its game against Michigan this season. Speculation about the design of the uniforms began immediately, and there was a lot of talk about green, black and bronze all being utilized. As it turns out, that idea is what the Spartans and Nike ultimately went with for the design. The helmet is mostly bronze, and the jersey and pants are green and black, respectively. Take a look:


More pictures can be found after the jump.




It will be interesting to see what these uniforms look like on the day of the Michigan-Michigan State game when the players take the field. Based on a quick Twitter search, the design is getting mainly positive reviews, but I personally think Nike could have come with something better than basically replacing the white in MSU's regular uniforms with black and gold, and I especially think the helmet design could have been better. The helmet the Spartans will wear looks a little too much like something you would see on a Notre Dame player, although I suppose that's only because the stripe going down the middle is hidden in the side view.

In any case, for more pictures of Michigan State's Nike Pro Combat uniforms, check out Nike Football's Facebook page. For a video look at the uniforms, check out Michigan State's official website.

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