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Michigan State At Notre Dame: Irish Increase Lead Heading Into 4th Quarter

Notre Dame tacked on another touchdown in the third quarter to drive Michigan State into a deeper hole after three quarters, 28-10.

Tommy Rees found T.J. Jones for a 26-yard score in the frame to increase the Irish lead, as Michigan State’s offense continued to stall.

The fourth quarter was not kind to Notre Dame last week in Ann Arbor however, so the game is by no means over yet. Michigan scored four fourth quarter touchdowns to erase a 24-7 lead and pull out a 35-31 win last Saturday.

Stats After Third Quarter

Kirk Cousins, MSU: 16/25, 184 yards, TD
Rees, ND: 15/23, 157 yards, TD, INT, FUM

Cierre Wood, ND: 12 rush, 62 yards, 2 TD
Edwin Baker, MSU: 10 rush, 26 yards

Michael Floyd, ND: 5 rec, 79 yards
T.J. Jones, ND: 3 rec, 40 yards, TD
B.J. Cunningham, MSU: 5 rec, 77 yards
Dion Sims, MSU: 3 rec, 38 yards, TD