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Spartans Edge Away From Youngstown State After Three Quarters, Lead 21-6

Kirk Cousins and B.J. Cunningham hooked up for an 18-yard touchdown in the third quarter to provide a bit of a cushion for Michigan State against Youngstown State.

The Spartans led only 14-6 at halftime over the Penguins, but Cousins led MSU on an 11-play, 75-yard drive on their second possession of the second half that ended with Cunningham’s score.

Youngstown only managed 50 yards of offense in the third quarter.

Jamaine Cook, who burned MSU for 69 yards in the first half, had just two carries for seven yards in the third. YSU quarterback Kurt Hess is just 4-for-9 passing in the second half.

Stats After Third Quarter

Cousins, MSU: 12/16, 178 yards, touchdown
Hess, YSU: 14/28, 120 yards, touchdown

Cook, YSU: 17 carries, 76 yards
Edwin Baker, MSU: 11 carries, 72 yards
Le’Veon Bell, MSU: 7 carries, 37 yards, touchdown

Cunningham, MSU: 7 catches, 120 yards, touchdown
Christian Bryan, YSU: 6 catches, 45 yards