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College Football Rankings: New Polls Come Out Tuesday

The first set of college football rankings of the 2011 season will be released on Tuesday morning.

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In a typical week of college football, the new rankings come out on Sunday afternoon (or Sunday night when the BCS starts being tabulated). This was no typical week, though. With games taking place on Sunday and there also being one on Monday, all of the polls decided to wait until Tuesday morning to release their new rankings.

When the new polls do finally come out, it will be interesting to see where Big Ten teams end up. Wisconsin is expected to jump up quite a bit after a solid opening game, and you could see Nebraska go up a few spots as well. Michigan State may drop due to a sloppy effort against Youngstown State, whereas Ohio State could jump into the low teens after a 42-0 win over Akron on Saturday.

Penn State was barely ranked in the preseason USA Today Poll, and we could see the Nittany Lions be bumped up a few spots. At the very least they could be joined at the end of the top 25 by the likes of Iowa and Northwestern.

It's a safe bet that Michigan will remain unranked, and it's also a safe bet that Notre Dame will fall from 16th in the AP Poll. This could set up a matchup this weekend between two unranked teams. If the past couple of years are any indication, the winner could move back into the top 25 even if neither team is ranked for the game.