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Izzo Points Finger At Scout Team After Michigan State Loss To Northwestern

Losing makes life miserable for college basketball coaches, and Michigan State's Tom Izzo wants to make sure he spreads that misery throughout his team after the Spartans came up short on the road losing 81-74 at Northwestern Saturday.

For a team that prides itself on toughness, Michigan State could never make Northwestern uncomfortable, especially forward John Shurna who kept the Spartans off-balance all game while drawing 11 trips to the free throw line. If the Spartans weren't fouling they were a step late when the Wildcats cut to the hoop for open layups.

Following the game, Tom Izzo skipped right over the players on his team who didn't execute to his liking and made a point to call out the scout team whose interpretation of Northwestern in practice leading up to the game apparently wasn't too good.

"But I did have a problem with my scout team this week. I did not think they did the job that we needed to do the day that we left (for the Chicago area). And I let them know that after the practice. They're very valuable, too.

"People have trouble understanding how certain players that don't really play can have an impact on a team. And we didn't simulate (Northwestern) as well (as we needed to)."

With a trip to Ann Arbor to play the Michigan Wolverines on the schedule Tuesday, I imagine Izzo won't have a problem conducting spirited practices as the Spartans prepare to bounce back.

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