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Outback Bowl 2012 Score Update: Georgia Notches Safety To Take 2-0 Lead In First

Georgia received the opening kickoff in the 2012 Outback Bowl, and after a quick first down, they were forced to punt by a tightening up Michigan State defense. The punt was a good one, and the Spartans ended up taking over at their own two-yard line. Kirk Cousins hit Keshawn Martin on first down ... for a bubble screen backed into their own endzone, and it ended up being a two-yard loss for, you guessed it, a safety. So Georgia took a 2-0 lead to start the game.

So they took the safety punt and started at their own 45-yard line, great field position by anyone's standards. They eventually drove their way into the red zone, helped by two Michigan State penalties, one for offside that made a 3rd down easier to handle and one for pass interference that took them from the 29-yard line to the 14. Georgia eventually made it to the five-yard line, before being tackled back to the seven. A completed pass put them back in it, and at 4th and 1 from the five-yard line, Georgia elected to go for it, but Ken Malcome was stopped for no gain and Michigan State took over.

Michigan State then started driving from their own six, but barely made it to midfield before they were sacked back into their own territory, and they had to give up the ball via punt. Georgia took back over and started to drive again, into MSU territory when the first quarter came to an end, with Georgia up 2-0.

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