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ANIMATED: Michigan State Blocks Field Goal To Win Outback Bowl In Triple Overtime

The Michigan St. Spartans seemed like they were on their way to a loss in the 2012 Outback Bowl when they went into halftime with a 16-0 deficit. Senior quarterback Kirk Cousins led the Spartans to a second half comeback, however, and eventually earned the victory when his defense blocked a game-tying field goal attempt from the Georgia Bulldogs kicker.

Blair Walsh had a chance at 47-yard field goal attempt to force a fourth overtime, but it was all for naught as one of the Spartans defenders got a hand on the ball to secure the 33-30 victory. It's hard to tell, but the animated video below makes it seem as though a fourth overtime was in store had the kick not been blocked.


Michigan State's kicker, Dan Conroy, was able to convert on both of his field goal attempts ensure the Spartans victory.

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