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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Michigan, Michigan State Drop In Top 25

Michigan dropped in the US Coaches Poll from No. 19 to No. 20 while Michigan State dropped in both polls to No. 11

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Unsurprisingly, the Syracuse Orange were the biggest losers in the newest NCAA Ranking Polls after losing to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday. Cuse fell from being the consensus number one school in both polls to third in the AP poll and fourth in the Coaches poll after the bad loss to the Irish knocked their record down to 20-1. The big winners of that loss were the Kentucky Wildcats, who got pushed up to number one in Syracuse's stead on both polls.

Baylor also suffered, going from second on both polls to sixth in the AP and seventh in the Coaches poll after suffering their first two losses of the season to Kansas and Missouri in the last week. After a good week, Ohio State were able to keep a high profile at fourth in the AP poll and third in the coaches polls.The only remaining undefeated team, Murray State stayed hovering around the Top 10, where they'll likely remain until they get some more major wins on their resume.

Both major teams from Michigan stayed in the Top 25 with strong records in the Big 10. Michigan State at 16-4 have the stronger showing with the 10th ranking on the AP poll and the 11th on the Coaches. Michigan's 15-5 record has them down a bit, 20th in the AP and 22nd in the Coaches.

Wisconsin made a surprise showing in the AP poll at 25th overall, replacing falling Illinois and Louisville from the rankings.

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